Welcome to NUR

Everyone knows us and yet it is briefly explained here,
what is NUR: NUR is not just a kebab;
NUR-Chicken-vegetable kebab is very special!

With us the kebab is a real passion!
We do not waste our strength for iconic marketing hype, but put all our strength and energy in the development and refinement of our products.

Very special recipes and loving preparation make our vegetable kebabs to what he is.

Since 2011, we delight our customers with our delicious chicken and vegetable kebabs, and we want to continue daily convince anew with freshness and quality.

Discover NUR

On these pages you can NUR know better.
Learn more about our quality standards, through our
Food offer, our Locations and of course constantly changing promotions and special offers.
And if you get an appetite, we recommend to look the same in one of our venues past and the original NUR vegetable kebabs to order. Bon appetit and have fun!

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