...only at NUR!

Taste can argue with it – no question.
Even though we are absolutely confident in the quality of our products, it may happen that it just does not taste good to you.

Maybe you've opted for the wrong thing or the wrong sauce. With the wide variety of our offers that's just not be excluded.

However, it is our philosophy to offer our customers only the best. That someone paid for something, what he does not like, is out of the question for us.

Therefore, we would like to present you our new “money-back guarantee”.

It is very simple: It does not taste good?
Then you get your money back!

If you notice after the first bite that you taste the product do not suit you, you can return it and you will get your money back. Or you order something new and the money will simply be charged.

Participation Conditions

Complaints can only similar in terms of taste, not regarding portion size, appearance, price, service Properties are taken into account.
Complaints relating to general food hygiene or other reason, put law shall not be subject to these terms and conditions.

The food may be objected been consumed only within the scope of a customary part of a tasting amount be (to max. 10%).

The complaint must be submitted immediately after the consumption test. If the entrainment of the food to be made, the complaint is the earliest possible, but not later put forward as one day.

The warranty is limited to the dishes prepared by NUR Gemüse Kebap. It is not valid for drinks or other products.
For menus with a mixture of NUR and foreign products, a corresponding partial imputation is done.

The campaign also serves as the quality assurance and improvement. The customer is asked to substantiate his complaints and formulate.

If there is a claim to be reimbursed purchase price or a portion can be paid. Or the purchase price can offset with a newly to be appointed dining.

Only a maximum of two payments or allocations per day can be made per customer. Maximum can be made per customer for the entire duration of action five payments or settlements.

The campaign can be terminated prematurely.

The terms of participation can be changed any time.

Changes in the conditions of participation are announced in advance.

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