The history of Kebap

How the story began

When and where we know the doner kebab (roughly translates to “Rotating spit”) has its origin, is not to prove accurate. What is known is that the preparation of meat has a long tradition of a horizontal rotating spit and the subsequent Serve in pita bread in the areas of modern-day Turkey. This variant is still known as “Shish Kebab”.

Middle of the 19th Century is to a chef named Hamdi have first grilled in the northern Turkish city of Kastamonu specially prepared meat on a skewer are perpendicular. Apparently, regardless of the cooking Iskender developed in the in the northwest city of Bursa, a similar method of preparation.

But only about four decades the kebab began its triumphal march from Germany all over the world to compete.
It is particularly interesting that the cradle of the “German Döner” is said to have been on the Kottbusser Damm.
Over time, the doner kebab has developed in its different variations one of the leading snack food.

In contrast to the traditional doner kebab, the Chicken and vegetable kebabs a special variant dar. It is prepared with delicious vegetables and chicken, and not with mutton. He is thus significantly more digestible and what many say much tastier.

However, a chicken-vegetable kebab is not the same as a chicken and vegetable kebabs. As in the fast food sector often lead simplified formulas and careless preparation to losses in taste and quality.

We at NUR place great value on a high quality standard. The freshness of our ingredients and the care taken in the preparation make our NUR-chicken and vegetable kebab to what he is. Is important for us is what the eyes, the nose and the stomach feel, so the appearance, smell and taste.

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